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May 27

“We are what we have done, this desire to find approbation in the final analysis, it’s a falsity, a children’s story we tell ourselves to mitigate the frustrations. You don’t get to collect on your efforts, your efforts are all you’ve collected.” — Adam Sessler on Mass Effect 3, and much more than Mass Effect 3.

May 16

Reptilian revisionism: A search for meaning in Godzilla. -

I’m really proud of this piece I wrote on Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, I hope you like it.

May 14

"You can’t be a bisexual if you’ve never dated a girl. All bisexuals must submit proof of dating history before becoming fully licensed and must be registered to continue practicing bisexuality. Please renew your licence every 5 years to avoid reclassification as hetero- or homosexual and to remain eligible for our annual picnic and raffle."

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Apr 18

Sometimes im so scared of what my fingers will do and write and tap and scrawl and scratch that I chew on them.

Apr 10

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Mar 31

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